See the Cause of Your Drain Stoppage
& Prevent Future Problems
The camera is inserted into your drain lines and used to determine the EXACT problem within and with a pipe.  Problems that are routinely found include:  breaks, cracks,
backups, slow drains, sewer flies and/or sewer odors.  Greater Pittsburgh Plumbing can help you solve all of these problems.

Once on site, the technician inserts the camera into the pipe through a clean-out, floor drain or may have to pull a toilet to access the plumbing system.  There's a live
camera video feed that shows the technician (and homeowner) exactly what is going on.  If there's a severe clog and there is standing water in the pipe (other than a belly)
it may be necessary to snake the line first to attempt to remove the clog, or even perform our Hydro-Jet service.  A recording can be made if necessary, but recording is not
useful in repairing the problem so are typically not made, but it may be needed for justification of work.  If a problem is found, a locator can be used to find the depth of the
pipe and exact location of the problem.  Our ability to pinpoint the problem can help minimize the scope of the work and prevent unnecessary destruction and excavation to
your property.

As Greater Pittsburgh's premier plumbing service, you can trust that our experts will be able to accurately and efficiently determine why you are having problems with your
pipes.  We have been a family-owned business since we began in 1981 and we have experience fixing virtually every plumbing problem you could imagine.

We've earned an A+ rating from the BBB and trust from thousands of customers, so you can trust our experts to get the job done right.  We offer outstanding service at an
unbeatable price to customers all throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area.

If you need a video sewer inspection, call us today.  If you need a second or third opinion because you got questionable answers to your problems, call us today.  If you
called one of the so-called popular companies (you know who we mean) with not so ethical sales tactics and high pressure salespeople, call us today.  Either way, be sure
sure to call Greater Pittsburgh Plumbing to handle all of your plumbing needs.  
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