Since 1981, our family owned business has earned  a reputation for
quality work and unmatched customer focus.  The Hussak & Struzinski
families have committed to be the best and that commitment has never
wavered.  We are ever evolving to remain the best in the industry.
Our Evolution
of sorts
Greater Pittsburgh Plumbing is a locally owned and operated plumbing,
heating and cooling company. We pride ourselves on the high level of
customer service, quality of products, and ethical standards that we
provide.  We are always striving to be better, to evolve.  We live for the
opportunity to better someone's day.  Whether it be a customer, vendor,
community member, or other team member, we do everything we can to
make sure that our interaction and impression is memorable.
Customers make our company, and when we get invited to their home or
business for the first time we need to earn their trust.  We do everything
we can to ensure peace of mind, good communication, and more than
satisfying customer service and quality workmanship.
Fair, Fast & Friendly
PA 082224
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