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If you are shopping for a new air conditioner for your home, call us for a free in-home estimate. Our technicians will evaluate your home and help you
decide what system is the best for your situation. We will always explain in detail the costs upfront so you can relax and feel confident that you are
getting the best value for your money.

We accept MasterCard and Visa in addition to financing options for new AC installations.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

If you experience any of the following, consider calling a professional HVAC contractor for AC replacement. Some of the most common signs you need
air new air conditioner include if your:

Air conditioner is more than 15 years old – While every manufacturer has improved the lifespan of its units, air conditioning systems don’t last
forever. If your unit is 10-15 years old or more, it may be time for AC replacement.
AC unit ineffective cools your home – If your air conditioner doesn’t cool your home, what good is it doing? It may be an old unit, or it may have a
broken blower motor, low coolant levels, clogged filters, or a various combination. Whatever the case, contact us for service!
Home has a buildup of moisture and humidity – If you notice your home is extra humid (clammy hands, sweating at night, etc.) your air conditioner
may be failing to cool your home as it should.
Air conditioner makes banging or clanking sounds – Loud noises such as banging or clanking means loose parts, broken belts, or worse, a
failing system.
AC smells bad – An air conditioner that smells like Sulfur or rotten eggs may mean a small animal or rodent made its way into your air ducts and died,
while a moldy-type smell often results in mildew in or around the outdoor compressor.
System causes high electrical bills – High electricity bills during the summer more than likely means your air conditioner can no longer keep up with
your cooling demands and effectively cool your home. It’s time for a new system.
These are just a few. If you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioner and aren’t sure what the problem is, our friendly staff and knowledgeable
technicians are here for you. Our installation experts will diagnose your issues, recommend the best system for your home, and assist you throughout
the entire AC installation process.
Financing Available! Contact us for options.

Benefits of A New Cooling System

After we set up your new air conditioner, you will notice the difference right away. Cooler, cleaner air; reasonable energy bills; and no more stress over
operating problems. A new air conditioner means less need for repair visits. Your new system will last longer and provide you with improved cooling
Save Energy & Money
Saving on energy costs doesn’t have to stop with a new air conditioner. There are many quick, easy ways to make sure you are making your home as
energy efficient as possible.
Insulate your home to keep out drafts where cool air can escape (cracks under windows and doors are likely areas)
Turn up the temperature on the thermostat during the night
Use dark, heavy curtains to reduce sun exposure and keep your home cooler
Keep energy costs at a minimum with a new, more efficient air conditioner. Call us today at (412)223-2560 to get schedule an immediate replacement.
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